Eurolutions N.V. is a Belgian holding company that offers services and guidance to entrepreneurs. We can assist you in realizing your projects from the very basic idea to the realization and roll. It is our goal to provide added value for all our partners. Each business unit adds a specific value to the structure. With Eurolutions we make 1+1 equal 3.
Venture capital or Managing partner?

We are never exclusively the one or the other. Eurolutions combines both in order to provide a one stop shop for every entrepreneurial need.

  1. When a project is in the conceptual phase we can provide "seed capital". Afterwards we can attract "external investments" to sustain the growth of your project.
  • Through our guidance we want to assist and help people realize their projects. In our company people remain the 'owner' of their own project, therefore Eurolutions is not a pure managing partner or consultant either.